Who started this forum???

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Who started this forum??? Empty Who started this forum???

Post  RubioForGov on Thu Apr 24, 2008 8:02 pm

What a FARCE? This is another smoke screen forum. Did Crist or the Legislature start this to see how many gullible people would write something here?

I for one would like to see EQUALITY IN PROPERTY TAXES!!! I'm not opposed to FAIR property taxes; I just don't want to be screwed by the TAX MAN. Have any of you "appealed" a property tax bill? Well, I have and it is a ONE SIDED JOKE. The Magistrate will not allow you the homeowner to "compare" like properties. The Tax Man CAN compare sales prices, but if you show THEM a difference in their value "opinions" of like properties---they throw it out, so you the homeowner are SCREWED by the politicians!!!! I was sitting across from the tax assessor; he was wearing a solid GOLD chain around his neck and he had this SMIRK on his face like I'm gonna screw this homeowner!! Well, the tax man and the Magistrate did just that!! I felt like I was in a CHINESE courtroom!! Welcome to political justice in Florida!!!


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