Property owners need to get together and present ultimatum

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Property owners need to get together and present ultimatum Empty Property owners need to get together and present ultimatum

Post  MonsterCookie on Sat Mar 01, 2008 2:18 pm

It is in violation to chapter 46 of the US constitution to create second class citizens in servitude to others. By singling out property owners as only scapegoats for the other groups, some of which might be much wealthier ( assets invested in other resources ) , they violate this chapter of constitution and create second class citizens . A lot of property owners pay for services they do not even use .
We need Comprehensive fair taxation plan . Look at countries with little or no RE tax , like Russia . Look what happened to their real estate . Just a single 1 br apartment in Moscow cost from 20 million to $ 300 000 1 hour from center !!!! Holy shit!!! Abolishing tax abolishes initiative to sell and attract foreign capital . I believe
goverment should let people prosper .By murdering the very hand which feeds you you murder yourself .
we ,home and RE owners must unite and wage a WAR on these criminal elements within goverments . Some of them using our tax money to fix their own properties or give their friends or relatives govermental contracts .They all should be immediately arrested .
The ways we can pressure them :
1 Hire team of constitutional lawyers and File class action lawsuit
2 Tell them we all will unite and raise rent through the roof and they will have even bigger probem on their hands .
3 we will form a coalition which will closely investigate and prosecute govermental officials who use tax money for their own benifit or benifits of their relatives or friends by giving them contracts or donations .
4 Investigate 2 bilion dollar of our tax money which was invested in futures illegaly and prosecute and imprizon these criminals .

These are harsh methods , but I truly hope we can persuade them peacefuly .becau I truly belive our goverment can be much richer and we all can be much richer here in florida .There is no reason why our beautiful land should cost 20 times cheaper than world standard exept for exuburant taxation .
We will create Re boom by abolishing taxes and we will equalize revenue with higher sales taxes (we must tax all pachages shipped to florida ) because people will try to cheta and buy things on line .we also should increase doc stamps after sales of RE
when building lot will cost 1 million instead of $5000 we can not go wrong. just 2% doc stamps on that will pay 200 yrs of taxes on $5000 property Smile Come on .Do not be morons . Look at Bahama .where average income is $300 a month and property values are in millions .
we must have stronger homestead laws .Noone should lose RE becasue they can not pay tax ever !!!! This is criminal and unamerican thing to do !!! And we all must fight for it .


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