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Are You Afraid That By Eliminating Property Taxes, Florida would not have enough Revenue to Survive?

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Post  Admin on Wed Dec 05, 2007 7:05 pm

Please tell us how you feel about Abolishing Property Taxes and Take part in our Poll.


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Post  jlig on Tue Dec 11, 2007 9:05 am

I think abolishing property taxes would indeed make it hard for florida to survive. Instead, i think that we should combine our property taxes with other types of taxes, so that these gaps can be filled. A lot of renters complain stating that if we abolished property taxes, and instead increase our sales tax, that it would be unfair, while homeowners, realtors, and pretty much everyone linked to the Real estate market, are stating that property taxes is not only killing the market, but that it is also making it impossible to live in florida. I don't think that property taxes are the issue, because we lived with them for while, i think that OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH PROPERTY TAXES is a problem. First of, i think we should cap everyone's property taxes at 1 percent of the property value. Then, we should increase our sales tax, in order to compensate for the shortage. Other things could be increased also, like the cost of certain liscenses, like driving, fishing, etc. Casinos in florida should also get taxed a little bit more then they are, in order to fill in that gap. Also, spending of our government in florida needs to be monitored to a certain degree. Instead of taxing one group, our elected officials should have spread the bill accross the whole spectrum of florida. That would have been a more comprehensive plan that what they gave us. And by the way, i have no political experience, and do not know all the laws in florida concerning taxes, so if someone would like to elaborate into what i'm saying, i would be very glad to hear a response, or even a different plan. I am just someone that saw a problem, and offered a way to fix it.


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Post  wmrn43a on Wed Dec 12, 2007 8:23 am

I understand there are 16 or 26 cities in FL that do not collect city property taxes.

If they do not how do they pay for schools?

What cities are they


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Welcome! Empty I vote No - There would be plenty of revenue to run Florida

Post  Bill Phillips on Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:59 am

I vote No - There would be plenty of revenue to run Florida

A consumption tax with few or no exemptions would provide more than enough tax revenue to run the state/counties/cities and education. The only exemptions that may be needed would be for "Groceries" and "prescriptions/prescribed health care". I would tax services (such as legal and other consultation fees). - The elimination of property taxes would make Florida a "Mecca" for real estate investment. The benefit to Florida's economy would more than offset the elimination of property taxes. Our legislators had their chance at making a real difference ... It's our turn now!

A major side benefit of eliminating exceptions and exemptions would be the reduction of lobbying. The obscene use of lobbying is a huge waste of our tax payers money in the consumption of time not to mention the propensity to lead to corruption. The elimination of paid lobbyists should also be a priority.

I encourage all to spread the word to and evangelize the Florida population with the message of supporting the elimination of property taxes and voting against the governors so called "Tax Reform" amendment this January.

Great job-"Not Good Enough Florida"! Now let's get this done!

Bill Phillips

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Welcome! Empty Abolishing Property Taxes Is Not The Cure All

Post  rajean on Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:22 pm

Listen people property taxes in the past have not been the real problem.
Most people found them affordable and many, including myself, even took some amount of comfort knowing they were investing in their communities growth.
The problem, as I see it today, is that the taxing authorities realizing the tremendous boom in real estate between 2003 and 2005 began reacessing properties at inflated rates in order to recapture tax dollars and stay ahead of the curve.
In early 2000 as a realtor I could check the accessed value of a property and there would usually be a margin of roughly 30% less than fair market. Today these accessed values are often fair market and above. I suggest a major percentage roll back and a extended cap on reacessment. Our communities still need tax dollars to keep pace with growth but now that city, state and county governments have tasted the fruits of the taxing efforts it's going to be difficult to convince them to give in. The stop gap measures I've been hearing about with increased homestead and portability are not the answer. IT IS TIME FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF US TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED A MAJOR TAX REVOLT IN THIS STATE IS WARRANTED AND IT'S TIME TO START TOSSING THE TEA IN THE HARBOR! OR MAYBE IT'S JUST TIME TO LEAVE FLORIDA. NC, TENNESSE AND TEXAS ARE LOOKING PRETTY GOOD RIGHT NOW!


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Welcome! Empty Abolish the Property Tax

Post  Robin Hood on Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:43 pm

Why would anyone want to keep a tax that is nothing more than an ever increasing source of revenue for politicians? A tax that is hidden in everything you buy, everything you rent and every service you you use?
A tax that is capped where you see it and substantially increased where you don't? A tax that was capped to appease the voters and then hidden in everything they buy? A tax that the legislature spent enormous amounts of taxpayer money on, only to decide to let us vote for a 2 to 3 hundred dollar decrease in 2009, and then have the nerve to call it relief? A tax that has been fought by groups, such as this one, for years with no results?
No we don't need property tax. We need to mass together and abolish this tax! And we can do it!
Let your representative know you want the property tax abolished and replaced with the taxing mechanism our founding fathers put in the Constitution!
(find out more)
Operation off the fence

Robin Hood

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