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Post  stopthetax on Wed Dec 05, 2007 6:40 pm

Rubio of course!


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Obvious Answer Empty Crist or Rubio?

Post  Larry Lu on Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:47 am

Neither. Both are part of the problem. If we follow the same leaders we will end up at the same place. Rubio has shown he either has no backbone or is just another politician willing to make a backroom deal.

We need to simply eliminate property taxes and cap the growth of government spending. And we'll have to do it ourselves.

Larry Ludwick
Apollo Beach

Larry Lu

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Post  jlig on Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:43 am

If i had to vote for someone, it would be neither, instead, i would vote for mayor Eric Hersh. I think we need to stop listening to what our politicians say, and instead look at what they're accomplishments are. Mayor Eric Hersh runs the city of weston very well, and i think it stands as an example for other cities. We need someone that shows us they're track record instead of someone saying they're going to do something, and at the end, throw 250$ worth of savings in our face and call it a plan.


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Obvious Answer Empty Rubio for Gov.

Post  RubioForGov on Thu Apr 10, 2008 9:03 pm

First off, this young man Mr. Rubio knows his stuff and knows that the average new homeowner is hurting when it comes to property taxes. Mr. Rubio knows that the Save Our Homes plan was a temporary fix for the 1990 homeowners and this plan is a failure because the local governments spending caused the appraisers to start doubling and quadrupling the ficticious values of homes to boost County income. This County income has been spent and wasted on pet projects anywhere from statues (called art) to sheriff signs sculptured out of stainless steel all across Hillsborough County. Free music concerts (at taxpayer expense) in downtown Tampa. A new History Museum in Tampa and a proposed riverwalk by Mayor Iorio. Nevermind that property tax payers will see an increase in their bills---and the County workers including teachers, police and firemen have salaries and retirement/medical plans exceeding those in the private sector. For example...the School Superintendent makes $252,000 in Hillsborough County! I am only talking about the Tampa area, but I know that these same issues exist all across the state.
Our tax money should ONLY be spent for necessities and County salaries should be similar to the public wage scale!

Yes, if I had a choice between Rubio and Crist; RUBIO would win hands down. Crist has failed on his campaign promises to lower Insurance costs and lower Property Taxes. Sen. Pruitt has voted against ANY and ALL meaningfull property tax cuts. Sen. Pruitt is no friend of the new Homestead homeowner. The so-called property tax bill that has "portability" will only benefit those "save our homes" people that ALREADY have LOW property taxes.

Crist needs to be BOOTED out in the next election!!!!


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